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CM Payments is more than just any Payment Service Provider. As part of, CM Payments combines the latest in payments solutions with the technical expertise of the CM Platform. This allows you to not only offer the best in payments, but in identification and communication as well. is active in the European market and provides Payment services as a component of its total portfolio of mobile solutions. CM Payments is an internationally operating provider of payment services, with customers such as Albert Heijn, the Dutch government and ParkMobile.

In 2017, the leading payment service provider DocData Payments was added to CM Payments.

Latest news

Ready for the future of payments? Say goodbye to the debit card and payments terminal

9 Jan - Which payment method does your customer prefer? The answer to this question varies greatly per consumer and per country. The common denominator is that payments can always be safer, easier and cheaper. And must. If you want to meet the expectations of consumers, you'll have to provide for that.

Why invest in payment terminals? The customer already has the payment device in his pocket

9 Jan - What thing do you always carry with you? Exactly, your mobile phone. And with this you can now also pay in shops or restaurants. Forget about the payment terminal, switch to user-friendly in-store payments via mobile and save more money.