Do you offer the right payment methods?

A customised selection of payment methods is one of the key elements to make your business a success. You can enhance your success by showing familiar payment methods to your customers in order to prevent them from cancelling the order. Choosing the perfect selection of payment methods does require customer knowledge though.

Payment Service Providers can help you set up a consumer-friendly payment page which will increase your conversion rate. When the look and feel of the checkout page is the same as the look and feel in the store, the customer will remain in a familiar online environment. If you have customers in different countries, there are more adjustments to consider like the language.

Choose your payment methods
Apart from adjustments in language and house style, it is important to offer a selection of payment methods that meet the customer’s needs. The choice of payment methods depends (among other things) on the type of products/services you offer and on the customer’s country. Dutch people for instance often use a credit card to pay for an expensive purchase because it includes insurance. To pay for cheaper products like books, the payment methods iDEAL and Afterpay are often used in the Netherlands. It’s also important to take a look at your target audience. Young people for instance generally don’t have a credit card in their possession. They tend to use iDEAL for online payments.

By showing familiar payment methods to your customers, you can increase your conversion rate. In order to make it as easy as possible for the customer, you can show the most commonly used payment method in that particular country as the first option in the payment menu. You can also accept local currencies to add to the customer’s sense of confidence.

A Payment Service Provider can easily integrate a selection of international payment methods in order to optimise your conversion rate. Please take a look at the wide range of payment methods that are available for implementation in your online shop or contact us for more information.