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Create the best customer experience on your website to optimise conversion. Make sure also the final step of your checkout process is aligned with the experience your website has. Create a checkout page in the style of your website with just one goal; conversion. In case you are PCI Compliant you could also host your own checkout page to create the most seamless checkout experience for your customers.

Furthermore use tokenization to enable your customers to pay via one-click payments, without the burden of PCI Compliancy.

Increase conversion by simplicity

The payment page is an important part of your web shop. To generate as much revenue as possible it is important to make the final stage of the buying process, the checkout, fit well with the needs of your customers. Therefore we designed a special payment menu which is extremely user friendly and ensures that the payment process is not interrupted prematurely; the One Page Check Out.

Pay now

One Page Checkout

  • Language is automatically set
  • Payment page in your own look and feel
  • Add payment profiles to increase conversion

The One Page Checkout is a complete payment menu on one page. By removing extra steps from the payment process the experience becomes frictionless. And since we now live in a mobile-first era the One Page Check Out is made and designed for smartphones and tablets.


The One Page Checkout is a secure and easy to implement payment page solution. When requirements go a step further and you do not want to make use of a hosted payment page, you may consider working with our Webdirect solution.

It will take some more implementation resources, but it delivers a full embedded payment page. Your customers are not redirected to Docdata’s payment page but remain within the environment of the webshop.

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