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CM Payments has one of the most advanced portals available. With an intuitive design, but still a wide extend of features, this portal is both state-of-the-art and user-friendly!


Our dashboard shows you the most important KPI’s in a blink of an eye. An order overview, insights into used payment methods, payout reports and more; all in one page with a fresh and clear design.

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User management

Multiple accounts for your company are past now. We’ve created an organizational structure in which you will have access to a master account. Here you can find all the information from all accounts related to your company. But we’ve also kept the possibility to assign accounts and rights to users in order to enable your employees to see and do what is necessary for them.

Order insights

Our portal is most used for finding information regarding orders. We therefore made it possible to quickly look for the order you are looking for by predefined characteristics. Find the information fast and easy. However sometimes it might be useful to find a complete overview based on one or more characteristics. That’s why we we’ve created an advanced search; when you want in-depth insights in your orders.


If you have found the information and insights you where looking for you most likely want a report of it. We’ve created some standardized reports to make things easy for you and download the report you want in just a few clicks. But you can also make customized reports and select the data you want to export. In this way you can filter the data so you will only see the information you, or some else, need.

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