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Some products or target audiences require solutions past the traditional payment methods such as credit cards and bank transfers. For these cases we have developed and implemented specific solutions. Whether you want to sell by phone or need physical terminals for events, we provide them.

QR payments

Our society becomes more and more mobile first. Our online behavior is already mobile focused. However we still use a plastic card to pay for our groceries and cash to donate to charities. With QR payments we enable you to receive these payment also via mobile; no wallets are needed anymore.

We can provide you with iDEAL or Bancontact QR codes.

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Attending events and fairs is something everybody does. It would be a welcome side-effect if you are able to sell some products or services at that time. But online payments might not be the best solutions for this. Therefore we offer our Point-of-Sale solutions; Point2Pay for a direct link between your webshop and one of our PIN terminals for regular offline payments.

Collecting & Recurring

Do you have recurring or partial payments? We can provide solutions which automates the payment process, including succession. In the style you want to, without the hassle of manual work.

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SMS payments

In some cases it is more customer friendly to take away the actual transaction. Hereby creating a seamless and frictionless experience. With Premium SMS the consumer only needs to text a short code to a specified and unique number to make the payment. Direct Carrier Billing allows consumers to make one-click payments.


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