Let your Dutch customers pay with the most convenient online payment method of the Netherlands

What is iDEAL QR?

iDEAL QR makes it possible to make mobile payments, both physical and in an online environment, via the most popular payment method iDEAL. With iDEAL QR the customer can pay quickly and easily on his mobile via a QR code.

How does an iDEAL QR payment work?

Payments are made easier with iDEAL QR. The customer simply scans the QR code, for example on the screen at the checkout, the store’s order column or on the voucher of a restaurant. This is possible via the mobile banking app from their own bank, the iDEAL app or even a generic scanner. Subsequently, he secures approval via his own mobile banking app.

The iDEAL QR code can be recognized by the iDEAL logo in the middle of the QR code. After scanning the code, payment is initiated.


Applications of iDEAL QR

With iDEAL QR the payment shifts to the customer's mobile phone. No more hassle with debit cards, terminals or cash. In addition, the mobile phone offers opportunities for companies to be in direct contact with the customer. For example for a digital receipt, satisfaction score or re-marketing purposes.

Pay invoices

By placing iDEAL QR codes on invoices, consumers can pay easily and error-free.

Mobile donation

Charities can use iDEAL QR for collections. Let consumers donate via the iDEAL QR code on a collection box, poster or not-at-home card.

From screen to mobile

Place a uniquely generated iDEAL QR code on any screen such as a computer, order column or tablet, and let your customer pay easily in his mobile banking app.

Pay without wallet

Pay without wallet

More and more people leave their house without a wallet or debit card, but never without a mobile phone. Paying with iDEAL QR therefore offers many advantages for the catering and event sector. Does your customer want to leave a tip? iDEAL QR can be set so the amount can be adjusted upwards.

Create iDEAL QR codes for payments

Companies that want to use iDEAL QR need an active iDEAL contract. can easily provide that. Generate iDEAL QR codes by integrating the API or use the CM Payments App for iOS & Android. Receive payments easily and securely via iDEAL.

Pay now

The benefits of iDEAL QR via

  • Create iDEAL QR codes effortlessly and quickly
  • Combine iDEAL QR with other popular payment methods
  • Easy link with your Customer Data Platform and cash register software

The iDEAL QR code was developed by CM Technology in collaboration with Dutch Payments Association. iDEAL QR is easy to integrate via an API. Through our dashboard you have real-time insight into the status of all payments.

In addition, CM Technology offers 24/7 365 days a year support and network monitoring to ensure that our services are always available.

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