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Split payments

If you are an online marketplace or trading platform and you find yourself within the money flow it's likely that, under the new PSD2 regulations, you will be marked as payment institution. Therefore you will need a license in order to keep running your business. With SplitPay we take care of that so you will instantly be PSD2 ready!

How it works

SplitPay is a new feature we’ve created. This fully automated process is designed for marketplaces, online ticketing platforms, trading platforms and online communities who find themselves within the money fllow.

SplitPay automatically divides the online payments between you and your partners based on your ratios. All the parties involved will receive a partial payment. We make sure you will only receive your commission and take care of the payout to your partners. Your marketplace will be excluded from the money flow in an easy and simple way with SplitPay.

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Nothing changes

Your partners will have control over their money in a fast, secure and direct way. You will have complete insights in all transactions via CM Payments’ ecommerce portal. Your partners however will only be able to see their part of the money flow. In addition to the online payments we will also take care of the mandatory checks regarding the KYC process. You can do business as usual.

And for the consumer? Nothing changes. They will continue to pay in the trusted and secure way they’ve always done.

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