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Refunds and partial refunds

  • Easy refunds
  • Partial refunds available
  • Automated
  • Hassle-free

We make it possible for customers to execute refunds. Refunding is an important feature for your business as it enables you to improve your service towards your customers. We also make it possible for you to make partial refunds without the hassle of creating extra work to do so. We not only support both options but it can be set up in a fully automated manner as well. Saving both time and resources.


​We offer a wide range of acceptance currencies. This enables you to accept payments from all over the world. In addition to that we can settle in 8 different currencies; always the best fit for your business.

Are you curious about the countries we offer the local currency for? Or interested in our settlement currencies?

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Fraud module

  • Extensive credit card checks
  • Black and white listing
  • Velocity and volume checks

Aspects like the design of your payment page and the choice of payment methods can help you to minimize risk. To further bring down risk there is the availability of our fraud management module. Through the fraud module we offer additional checks before and after the transaction processing.

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